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Earth Hour 2012

By Liz

Happy weekend everyone!  Just a reminder that this Saturday March 31, 2012 at 8:30 pm is Earth Hour.  This is one hour of the year where the World Wildlife Foundation asks the world to turn off the lights as a message for action against climate change.

What can you do in this hour you ask? Have a romantic candlelight dinner.  Play board games by a fire.  Get some instruments out and have a sing-a-long.  The possibilities are endless and can be quite fun!  Even the Lorax is involved and will be turning his mustache green for the hour! (The Lorax is a great film introducing environmental issues to kids, I recommend it highly even for the adults!)

Want more ideas of what you can do?  Or how else you can get involved?  Go to the Earth Hour website or their youtube channel.

Last year 5,200 cities and 135 countries participated, will you?




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Is the Internet Environmentally Friendly?

by Liz

I came across this video and was shocked.  I never really thought about my internet usage and the environment.  Of course I have thought about the power my computer uses but I have not thought much further than that.  Below is a very interesting quick video about the internet and the environment.  It talks about carbon emissions, servers, green companies and the exponential growth of the internet.  Definitely worth a watch!


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