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TED Talk: How the Oceans Can Clean Themselves

This kid is 19. He has figured it out. Let’s do this.


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World Oceans Day

by Liz

Today is World Oceans Day.  It is a day spent to raise awareness of ocean preservation and was started in Canada but not recognized internationally until 2009.

Look how beautiful the ocean can be!

So let’s raise awareness!  The effects of ocean pollution are:

  • On fish – Ocean pollution causes the depletion of fish species as well as the population of fish has declined drastically.  Overfishing has a lot to do with this as well.  So only eat sustainable fish and use environmentally friendly cleaning products and be aware of where your waste goes.
  • On animals and birds – Ocean pollution like oil spills causes both marine mammals and birds to have a layer of oil on them which interferes with their insulation making it harder for them to adapt to temperature fluctuations.  It also decreases the population in various animals with fish depletion there is not enough food for some birds and animals to eat enough.
  • On humans – Ocean pollution does not necessarily have a direct effect on humans like it does animals and fish but indirectly it can cause a lot of trouble for humans.  Not only will we have less fish to eat but the pollution can eventually cause possible food poisoning, baby deformities and it can also change the natural cycle of the planet.  So try not to use plastic as plastic is one of the number one pollutants in the oceans.

Here is a you tube video with a lot of great statistics and interesting information about our oceans, definitely worth a watch!

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Recycling Rant

by Liz

I have had one of the worst teaching days since I started teaching.  Supply teaching is hard! Besides the rampant rude behaviour was the student’s lack of respect for the environment.  In more than one class I have had in the past couple of weeks students have taken every piece of paper given to them to scribble on or more commonly make paper airplanes or balls to throw across the room.  Some students will even rip up their notebooks to throw paper around the room.  Today when I expressed my frustration with their wastefulness and how bad it was for the environment they laughed in my face.  We happened to be in music class so they made up a song to make fun of me and my environmental worries.

The worst thing is that when I asked them to pick up all the paper they threw they had to throw it into the garbage bin as there is no paper recycling in the classrooms.  So my plea is to all the mothers and educators out there.  Please teach children about the issues of the Earth and least of all how to recycle properly and respect what is given to them!

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Friday Fun: Jamie Oliver

by Liz

Well my move across the pond has made me more aware of the Naked Chef.  Not only is he cute and has a great accent he really is a friend of the environment!  Jamie Oliver is everywhere in the UK these days and for a good reason.

Well first things first is that he is heavily involved in the UK education system.  As  a teacher, I am even more impressed.  What he is doing is trying to get better quality and more nutritious foods in the cafeterias of England.  He also advocates that they get this nutritious food from the closest possible sources.  Local is better.  Fresher food and better for the farmers and environment.  Win, win situation!

Jamie also has a restaurant that he wants to make eco-friendly.  Not only does he only use local ingredients but he is using wind turbines to power the restaurant.  I haven’t heard of anyone doing that yet.

Jamie also had a travel show around the USA and made sure it was carbon neutral.  All of the CO2 that was created during the shows filming was calculated.  To offset these carbon emissions Jamie and the crew developed projects to help others reduce their carbon emissions.  This included providing energy-efficient stoves in Cambodia, another using wind power in China and a solar power installation in India.

Not too shabby eh?  Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Oliver.

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International Women’s Day – Green Edition

By Liz

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the ladies out there.  Unfortunately, here in the UK it was not well publicized and I didn’t even know it was today until I got home from work and everyone’s Facebook status’ informed that today was indeed the day!

There are so many women in the world that have done such amazing and inspiring things and women out there who continue to do such amazing and inspiring things!  Well here I am going to point out a couple of women who have helped the environment and are really making a difference in the world.

We have talked a couple times about David Suzuki and it is obvious we are fans.  Well his daughter is definitely following in his carbon neutral footprints.  At the young age of 9 Severn Callis-Suzuki stated the Environmental Children’s Organization (ECO) and by age 12 she spoke in front of the UN Summit almost 20 years ago.  Here is the inspiring speech below:

Since 1992, Severn has continued on this environmentalist path and has been involved in various organizations and created a children’s show on discovery channel all in the name of saving the environment.

Of course Severn is not the only woman making a difference.  Below is a link to another blog talking about six amazing women and their achievements with conservation.

Keep up the good work ladies! Happy Girl Power Day!

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Weather Related Disasters and Climate Change

by Liz

Right now there is a devastating cyclone hitting Northern Queensland.  I spent a year living in Townsville, Queensland and have many friends there without power, hiding in their basements hoping that Cyclone Yasi doesn’t blow their roof off or that storm surges don’t flood their homes.  If you remember just a short while ago, around Christmas, Northern Queensland was dealing with crazy floods from which they are still recovering from.  These disasters are happening way too often and on bigger scales and they are not just in Australia. Storms and natural disasters are happening all over the world from Australia to the USA.  These disasters are costing billions of dollars to clean up and years for some areas to get back to normal, if at all.

“The last 30 years have yielded four times as many weather-related disasters as the first three-quarters of the 20th century combined.” (Onuf, The Origins of the Federal Republic, p.145)  The last thirty years or so just happen to be the years where the world has grown and we have damaged the environment, to what some would argue is beyond repair. “One hundred eleven hurricanes formed in the tropical Atlantic between 1995 and 2008, a rise of 75 percent over the previous thirteen years. They are stronger, stranger.” (McKibben, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, p.8) The world is changing and that means attitudes need to change so that we can get Earth back on track so that our children and our children’s children will be able to enjoy Earth like we have.  Everyone needs to do their part from recycling to educating others on why they need to change their attitudes.  We all need to stop and think how our actions are affecting our environment, our world.

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More Green Blogs

by Liz

Neither Erica or I are parents but I am a teacher and we both believe that the earlier kids learn about the environment the better.  Our Earth is in such disrepair that our kids are the ones that will be dealing with our actions.  Press the link below to see what some blogging moms are trying to be green with their family and what they are teaching their children.

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