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Eco Friendly Father’s Day

by Liz

This Sunday (June 19, 2011) is Father’s Day.  If you are like me I always struggle to find something my dad would actually like.  This year I was doing my usual Googling for ideas when I came across eco-friendly father’s day presents.  How come I didn’t think to Google that in the first place?  Why didn’t I think of it for Mother’s Day too?  Luckily my mom got a very eco friendly gift, an online gift certificate to get some ebooks for her Kobo.  So now I need to get something for my dad.

Me and my Dad.

This website, Nigel’s Eco Store, has a ton of amazing gift ideas for Father’s Day and really any other occasion you might want to buy a present for.  I am wishing now I wasn’t a struggling teacher so I could buy a couple of things! Anyway there are gift ideas for outdoorsy dads, gadget dads, dads who love beer, workaholic dad, any dad!

Some of my favorites I came across are the EcoButton.  It is a one touch button that will turn your computer into energy saving mode.  So if you are out to lunch or have a long phone call just tap the button and you are saving energy!

Ecobutton - reduces your computer's carbon footprint and saves you money, with one small click

Another good one is the HY Mini Wind Charger.  It is perfect for camping.  It is a wind powered charger that can charge iPods or cameras and is great for long camping trips.

HYmini Personal Wind Turbine - green power in your hand

This year when getting your dad a Father’s Day present there are plenty of green options that I think most dads would really like!


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Friday Fun: Jamie Oliver

by Liz

Well my move across the pond has made me more aware of the Naked Chef.  Not only is he cute and has a great accent he really is a friend of the environment!  Jamie Oliver is everywhere in the UK these days and for a good reason.

Well first things first is that he is heavily involved in the UK education system.  As  a teacher, I am even more impressed.  What he is doing is trying to get better quality and more nutritious foods in the cafeterias of England.  He also advocates that they get this nutritious food from the closest possible sources.  Local is better.  Fresher food and better for the farmers and environment.  Win, win situation!

Jamie also has a restaurant that he wants to make eco-friendly.  Not only does he only use local ingredients but he is using wind turbines to power the restaurant.  I haven’t heard of anyone doing that yet.

Jamie also had a travel show around the USA and made sure it was carbon neutral.  All of the CO2 that was created during the shows filming was calculated.  To offset these carbon emissions Jamie and the crew developed projects to help others reduce their carbon emissions.  This included providing energy-efficient stoves in Cambodia, another using wind power in China and a solar power installation in India.

Not too shabby eh?  Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Oliver.

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International Women’s Day – Green Edition

By Liz

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the ladies out there.  Unfortunately, here in the UK it was not well publicized and I didn’t even know it was today until I got home from work and everyone’s Facebook status’ informed that today was indeed the day!

There are so many women in the world that have done such amazing and inspiring things and women out there who continue to do such amazing and inspiring things!  Well here I am going to point out a couple of women who have helped the environment and are really making a difference in the world.

We have talked a couple times about David Suzuki and it is obvious we are fans.  Well his daughter is definitely following in his carbon neutral footprints.  At the young age of 9 Severn Callis-Suzuki stated the Environmental Children’s Organization (ECO) and by age 12 she spoke in front of the UN Summit almost 20 years ago.  Here is the inspiring speech below:

Since 1992, Severn has continued on this environmentalist path and has been involved in various organizations and created a children’s show on discovery channel all in the name of saving the environment.

Of course Severn is not the only woman making a difference.  Below is a link to another blog talking about six amazing women and their achievements with conservation.

Keep up the good work ladies! Happy Girl Power Day!

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Fun Friday: Jason Mraz

by Liz

He is best known for his music which gets overplayed on the radio, but Jason Mraz first caught my attention when he got engaged to his girlfriend and decided not to marry her until gay marriage was legal.  This made me curious about him so I googled him.  Turns out he is a friend of the Earth too!

Jason Mraz is a raw vegan which means he only eats fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and plant oils and juices.  He doesn’t cook any of his food.  Not cooking food means that no wood or fossil fuel is burned and no greenhouse gases or other harmful pollutants are produced.  He also lives on an avocado farm, so I am sure he eats a lot of avocados!

He has also released a book of his photography.  All the paper that the book was printed on mostly recycled paper and wood free.  Even the glue for binding is environmentally friendly and all of the production materials were recycled properly.  He also has an organic t-shirt company and his tour bus is a biodiesel bus.

Jason is a big philanthropist as well.  He is involved in many charities and organizations which help the environment, be it clean water in developing countries or preservation of the oceans.  He recently went surfing to raise money to support the Surfrider Foundation which aims to preserve our oceans, beaches and waves.

Jason’s popular song “I’m Yours” is usually interpreted as a love song, but the Nature Conservancy interpreted it as an environmental song.  Watch their PSA video and listen to the lyrics and decide for yourself:

Jason Mraz is another example of a celebrity using his fame for good.

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Fun Fridays: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is very well known for his various movie roles such as the Basketball Diaries, Titanic, Blood Diamond, and Inception.  What you may not know is that Leonardo is an avid environmentalist.  Among his movies is the 11th Hour.  The 11th Hour is a documentary written and narrated by Leonardo.  It is about the state of our planet Earth and some practical ideas to help save the Earth.  It is definitely worth watching.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also known for driving a hybrid car, going on commercial flights instead of a private jet as well as having solar panels installed on his home.  He has a website ( which is for the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation which aims to secure a sustainable future for our planet and all of its inhabitants.  He brings awareness to the dwindling tiger population among other campaigns.  He also gives lists on which documentaries to watch and what books to read which will help people realize how bad our planet is being destroyed.  He also teamed up with Al Gore to help bring awareness to Earth’s environmental problems.  So needless to say, Leonardo is not just a pretty face.  Join in Leonardo’s mission and help spread awareness on our Earth’s environmental state.

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National Sweater Day

By Liz

The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has created a National Sweater Day on February 17, 2011.  What does that mean? Well it means turn your thermostat down 3 degrees and put on a sweater! They also give some great ideas for parties, like maybe an ugly sweater party?  I know I am a fan of those as I participate in an ugly Christmas sweater party every year.

But why do this? According to the WWF Canadians biggest ecological footprint is due to transportation, electricity and heating.  If we turn down our thermostats by 3 dregrees in the winter we could save 2.2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year which is like taking 350,000 cars off the road! (  That is a huge deal.  Also it will save you money! Especially with the smart meters being installed.

So on February 17, 2011 turn down the heat and wear a sweater! Spread the word too! (Facebook event: And if you feel so inclined, turn it down everyday! Especially since spring is coming!

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Laundry Update

by Liz

Remember that friend I mentioned who never really washed her jeans?  Well turns out she was not wrong to do so! Turns out wearing jeans for up to 15 months without washing them is fine and they won’t pose a health risk whatsoever! The only problem is the jeans might start to smell but apparently all you have to do is put them in the freezer for a bit and it takes away all of the odours.  So never washing your jeans is environmentally friendly and not as gross as you originally thought.

Read more about it here:

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