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Earth Hour 2011

by Liz

Today is the day where over 120 participating countries goes dark for one hour.  At 8:30pm tonight the Eiffle Tower will go dark, Buckingham Palace, LAX, CN Tower, Manchester United Stadium, Empire State Building, Parliament Hill, Golden Gate Bridge, and so many more iconic buildings around the world will turn off non-essential lights and electricity for one hour.

Now what can you do?  Wherever you are in the world, turn off the lights and appliances from 8:30 to 9:30 pm tonight, March 26, 2011.  Since moving to a new city I don’t have too many friends yet and a small place, but if I did I would have a party held by candlelight!  Wherever I will end up I will be in the dark.  Others are going to a candlelight yoga class.  Some are going to their city’s planned Earth Hour events.  Whatever you do make sure it is in the dark!  Earth Hour spreads awareness of climate change.  It began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 by the World Wildlife Foundation and reaches 1.3 billion.  We have the power to spread awareness!


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