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TED Talk: How the Oceans Can Clean Themselves

This kid is 19. He has figured it out. Let’s do this.


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Let’s Talk Laundry

by Liz

Let’s talk laundry.  It is unfortunately something we have to do.  One person I know saves the environment a tiny bit by washing her jeans maybe twice a year.  I, unlike her, like to wash my clothes after I wear them once or twice depending on how messy I am that day.  If the clothes don’t look dirty and smell fine, why wash them?  Anyhoo, I have some tips on how you can wash your clothes and stay green! First thing is first, wash in cold water. BC Hydro says, water heating accounts for 90% of energy consumption in washing machines.  So just turn that dial to cold and put your clothes in that washing machine.  Another benefit of doing this is that your colours stay brighter and there is less shrinkage! Also don’t wash your clothes if the machine isn’t full.  That is just common sense (well I hope!).

Next laundry topic: soap.  You don’t need a lot of soap.  Many labels say that you need more soap than you do.  All of the soap is concentrated and come on, how dirty are your clothes?  Besides if you have a newer washer they are designed to suds up your clothes better than older ones.

Now your clothes need to be dry.  When I lived in Australia the dryers sucked and there was sun for 300 days of the year, so I hung up all my clothes to dry.  Clothes outside and underwear inside, because who wants their undies on display?  I do not.  My problem now with outdoor clothe drying is the fact that I live in Canada.  It is cold for at least 5 months of the year and rainy for 6, so that gives me one month of hanging to dry weather.  Take advantage of it when you can, but when you can’t, you can use the dryer.  When you are using the dryer make sure the lint trap is lint free so that your clothes can dry faster and use less energy.  Another big thing to do is to fold your clothes as soon as the dryer is done.  This ensures wrinkle free clothes and not having to use an annoying iron.  Ironing is one of the energy escaping culprits of the planet and it is a pain in the ass to do it.  So if you can avoid ironing, I suggest doing so.  Or maybe it is just me that has a huge aversion to irons.

These are some easy things that you can do without changing your life too much, which is what we are all about.

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