Why our rivers and lakes are not as safe as we think they are

By Erica


424787_377628258987813_1990258022_n While doing my daily Facebook cruise I came across a picture stating that Canadian rivers and lakes are no longer protected thanks to Stephen Harper (see pic on right).    In hopes that it was one of those weird Facebook trends that go around (i.e. if you like this photo of this sad puppy, some organization that does not exist will donate a dollar to nothing), I did some research.  While I am unsure if the exact numbers are right, the premise behind the picture is sadly true.  While this can have a number of implications (developers have more freedom to do what they want.. technically the lakes and rivers could apparently be pumped), word on the street is Harper did this  as a sneaky, low publicized move to let pipelines run through what, ever body of water they choose.  Which means many of our lovely lakes and rivers are now prone to the risk of oil spill.  Another controversial item relating to this, is the rivers and lakes that are still protected seem to hold some bias (for example, lakes in Muskoka where many wealthy people have cottages are safe, but all rivers in Nova Scotia do not, according to Macleans Magazine).  What can be done about this? Not sure, but Harper tried to do this quietly, so perhaps getting the issue some publicity and raising some awareness would be the first step.





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    Colin said,

    Obviously Mr. Harper was a city kid and never spent any time on our incredible lakes and forests. Protect Muskoka waters only, when they are probably the most overused polluted waters in the province. Ridiculous, protect northwestern Ontario from this greedy deal. Only someone this clueless would endanger our pristine land and water. This has to be stopped!

  2. 2

    Micah Stewart said,

    Our fresh water is all we have, we give the U.S. all of our resources for next to nothing, now we give them the freedom to destroy the ecosystem and whats worse open the gates for a Oil disaster in our beautiful country. Anyone heard about the Gulf of mexico? How would we like to lose more than 50% or more of our fresh water to Oil billionares so they can shrug their shoulders and tell us there’s nothing they can do. So sorry we destroyed your country. Oh can we still buy your fresh water? Because there’s none left in America, we’ve destroyed it already.

  3. 3

    chantel said,


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