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Save Captain Paul Watson – Sea Shepherd

By Liz

Captain Paul Watson is a Canadian born long time activist.  He is one of the co-founders of Greenpeace and the founder of Sea Shepherd.  He has spent his life at sea saving countless animals and trying to stop illegal fishing, whaling, shark finning etc.  


In 2007, Sea Shepherd released a documentary called Sharkwater.  In this film Paul Watson and his team  tried to put an end to the shark finning industry in 2002.  While doing so. he made a citizen’s arrest of a vessel, the Veraderos I, for finning sharks illegally.  Communication got crossed and the Sea Shepherd crew were actually told to release the Veraderos I and were in turn arrested for attempted murder and shipwrecking.  When released on bail the Sea Shepherd group left Costa Rica.  Now 10 years later Paul Watson is being held in Germany waiting to be extradited to Costa Rica.

Here is a video of Pamela Anderson in support of letting Paul Watson go:

If interested in Sharkwater, here is the trailer:


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