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National Sweater Day Flash Mob 2012

By Liz

Remember how I was tell you about the National Sweater Day Flash Mob? Well here it is!

You can watch another awesome environmental flash mob here.  

So remember on February 9, 2012 turn down your thermostat by 3 degrees and wear a sweater! Help the Earth!


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Super Bowl XLVI is Going Green

by Liz

Well this weekend is the big Super Bowl weekend.  As a Canadian I like to watch the super expensive commercials and the half time show whilst drinking beer.  I could care less about football (unless it is soccer!).  Well this year is another face off between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.  Something new? The NFL is trying to make Super Bowl XLVI a greener event this year.

Green Mountain Energy and the NFL have partnered up together to power 15 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy.  This means it will reduce 29 million pounds of carbon emissions on the day.  Green Mountain energy will also offset the carbon emissions caused by the teams travel to get to teh Super Bowl by planting over 1,000 trees within Indianapolis.  

Some other initiatives include composting and parking spaces for electric cars.  They have also made sure there is more recycling within the stadium as well as a lighting system which will utilize natural light.

Here is a great inforgraphic showing the environmental impact of the Super Bowl.


And if you click here you will find some delicious vegan and vegetarian dip recipes to serve while watching the big game! So go Pats! Or Giants!

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