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National Sweater Day Flash Mob!

by Liz

We have been absentee bloggers as of late.  I am going to try and put an end to it because I am back in Canada and should have more time to write!

National Sweater Day began last year.  (Read last year’s post here) The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has created a National Sweater Day on February 9, 2012.  What does that mean? Well it means turn your thermostat down 3 degrees and put on a sweater! But why do this? According to the WWF Canadians biggest ecological footprint is due to transportation, electricity and heating.  If we turn down our thermostats by 3 dregrees in the winter we could save 2.2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year which is like taking 350,000 cars off the road! (  That is a huge deal.

This year is catching on a bit more than last.  This year Vancouver Improv Anywhere is organizing a flash mob! So if you live in Vancouver get practicing and join in on this exciting event!  All the details are on their Facebook event page here. (You can also follow our blog here on Facebook!) The event gives you dance instructions as well as practice times and the actual event.  I know if I were in Vancouver I would be all over it.  They also invite anyone to use the same dance and music and create your own flash mob somewhere else in Canada.  I wish I had the time!

So if you aren’t able to be part of the flash mob then at least turn your thermostat down 3 degrees and wear a sweater! Preferably an ugly one for fun!

Me in my ugly Christmas sweater in 2010, I had an even uglier one this year from the Kathy Lee Gifford collection circa 1993!


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