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Friday Fun: Funny Environment Videos

by Liz

So I have searched the web for some informative yet funny environment videos!

This one is my favorite:

A good commercial:

An oldie but a goodie:

Great surprise ending:

A quick one:

Happy Friday everyone!


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Canadian Cities 3rd Best in Air Quality

by Liz

Going through Google news I found an article about how Canada ranks around the world in terms of air quality.  (You can read it here.)  This spiked my curiosity for two reasons; I am happy for Canada but want to know more about it.

When I moved here to the UK I spent the first couple of days in London.  I found that my asthma (which never usually bothers me) kicked in and I developed a slight cough and finally, when I blew my nose, my snot was grey or black (nice eh?).   I decided to take a closer look at the medical side of air pollution.  I found out it affects young children and elderly people more severely but can hurt everyone in the short term and long term.  Short term problems could be irritation to the eyes, ears and nose or could even develop into bronchitis or pneumonia.  Long term effects could be as severe as lung cancer, heart disease and cause damage to the liver or brain.

Smog in LA, California

How can we reduce air pollution?  Click here for a list of 50 ways to improve air quality.  The following are some I wanted to highlight from the list:

– Use public transportation

– Walk

– Don’t use aerosol cans

– Use latex paints and not spray paints

– If you do have to drive, keep it in great working condition (leaky air conditioners emit the greatest amount of CFCs, having full air in your tires, cleaning your air filter and getting a tune up can increase gas mileage)

Wouldn't you rather breathe this air? - Yorkshire, England

This list will not only help air quality but are in general rules we should live by to keep the environment green.

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Festivals and the Environment

by Liz

It has been a very busy summer for Erica and I and we have not had much of a chance to keep up with our blog.  Well while I am bored at work I am going to try and get the ball rolling again!

This summer I did get to attend Leeds Festival which is a music festival where you camp out for 3 to 4 days.  Despite the freezing cold weather I had a great time. The bands were amazing and I got to sit around a campfire! (With eco friendly made logs)  There was one problem, the waste produced by the festival…

Our eco-friendly campfire

The festival did have a lot of sustainable initiatives put in place but unfortunately a lot was wasted.  You can see a list of their initiatives here.  The first initiative I encountered was the reducing CO2 initiative.  The website explain how much emissions it takes to get to the festival and offered train and bus deals as an alternative with shuttles taking you to the site.  Another very productive initiative was the one where if you brought a bag full of recyclable cups or cans you get a free beer.  I saw many people doing that, which meant less rubbish near the stages.  By the campsites there were also people designated to picking up rubbish while others were to pick recycling.  I was surprised though that there were not many places to put your own rubbish or recycling.  If there were more around people would probably be more inclined not to just leave it on the ground.


Tent city... how much was left for a landfill?

My biggest problem is the attitude of festival goers.  By the end of the weekend there was trash everywhere.  Idiots were burning camping chairs and tents and most people just left tents and chairs and sleeping bags there.  They will probably just buy all new equipment for next year’s festival season.  Even some of the people I went with couldn’t be bothered bringing some of the stuff back.  This means it all goes in a garbage dump.  Most of the stuff was brand new! If people just reused their equipment the environment would be much happier. The festival also had an area where if you didn’t want to keep your stuff you could donate it and it would be given to local communities, yet it wasn’t very well advertised.  I can’t imagine what the clean up looked like.  Just look at my picture and how many tents there were!! Shocking.  I’ve said it before, but people need to wake up to what we are doing to our planet.

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